Our Mission

Through our established and efficient proven processes, we provide alternative investment solutions built on a diversified and resilient portfolio construction enhancing investors' returns.

Our Firm

FME Partners is an investment powerhouse with more than two decades of experience focused on private equity, real estate investments as well as providing consultancy services.

FME Partners currently manages a portfolio with positions in top quartile private equity funds, direct investments and selected co-investments.

We offer avant-garde business partnerships for financial institutions and private investors through the spectrum of alternative investment solutions. FME Partners also provides fully integrated investment programs as well as tailored mandates.

The Biggest and Best Investment Company

Delivering fully integrated

investment solutions

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Our Segments

Our Vision

Investment solutions designed to fulfil investor's objectives paired with an extensive risk reward architecture to preserve capital.

Investor Focus

Prioritize investors' alignment in our investment programs for the past two decades.

Long-Standing Partnerships

Offer fully transparent periodical communications through clear deliverables and investment updates.

Accountability & Transparency

Ability to grow through investment cycles and overcome challenges with flexible programs.

Innovative Investing

Our Values

Since inception, FME has been driven by these four core principles. We operate with the highest standard of business ethics and in alignment with our investors’ interest.

With an average tenure exceeding 10 years our longstanding investment team has built our firm’s professional excellence through time.