Private Equity

FME Partners specializes in the management and administration of private equity investments and portfolios with a focus on top quartile middle and large capital buyout, real estate and venture capital funds.

Investment Process


Screening of opportunities through extensive global sourcing network


Accessing top quartile Private Equity fund managers and exclusive co-investments


Pre-selection presented to Investment Committee


Approved opportunities to undergo extensive due diligence process


Additional industry research, financial modeling and investor return forecast


Investment structuration including legal and tax efficient process


Investment Closing 

Investment Administration & Operations 

Private Equity

Treasury &  Bank Financing 

Private Wealth Management

Legal & Compliance 

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 Due Diligence 

Portfolio Monitoring & Investor Reporting

Private Equity Services

Selective Partnerships


Resilient Portfolio Construction

Alpha Generating

Investment Strategy

Our investment decisions are based on four pillars

Stable and Superior Return

We constantly seek to create investment programs generating superior alpha for investors while expanding privileged relationships with top quartile private equity firms.

Global Diversification

Our programs provide global exposure both on a sectorial and geographical dimension ensuring risk mitigation and downside protection.